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Make PayPal for free without having to have a credit card

welcome to

Perhaps all that many people already have PayPal. But many may also verify that belon was needed because PayPalnya credit card to verify. But now the period has changed, the year has been changed .. Everything is now completely automated. wah kok story only .. Simply ..

Payoneer card is able to verify your PayPal for free you have to do that is first in the list friendfinder and you will get a Payoneer debit card you can create a Paypal verification.
You can get a debit card free of a Royal Bank of Scotland. The card is very useful to verified paypal, the money from your earnings at this site or do other affiliates throughout the world, the ATM berlogo mastercard.
You do not need to kwatir! card page legal, safe and reliable, and most importantly free. Now how do I get a card and earn here? Read carefully and follow the steps.

First steps first list: HERE

Then, click Join Now
Fill your data with the full.
I am a: Man if you are men, women, Woman, if you

Interested in a meeteng: Man if you want to explore / dg are male, some female woman, or you can select both of them.

For: Friendship (are), Dating (ketemuan), Serious relationship (serious relationship), Marriage (married), you can select more than one, can also select all.

Birthdate: Date of your birth.
Country: your country.

Zip / Postal code: Leave blank, if you are than in the United States (U.S. only)

Email Address: Fill in your email

Username: your username between 4 to 16 characters

Then click Click Here and Have Fun
After that you enter next ketahap.

City: City where you live

Closest City: Same as above

State: Your Province

Your Height: Your Highest

Your Body Type: Type of your body

Your Race: Race your race or if you usually is Asia

Marital Status:'s your wedding

Your Religion: Religion You

Your Education: Education last you

Your Occupation: Your Employment eg Adiministrasi, if your employees, if you're the Business etc..

Introduction Title: Title about you, eg: I am a Man, or I like Playing Football, it's up to you. Minimum 10 characters

Tell others about yourself: mention about you, for example: I am a good women, I like swimming and my hobby playing football, computer, fitness, and others, i love new friends, minimum 50 characters.

If you already have photos, please in the upload, click browse ago I find the file containing your photo. If you do not have fota you can empty the first, later you can fill it again.

Then click Click to Join. So there will be a incoming email in your email.
After that, open your email, then click Activate Now

So you have activated, if you want to fill some login username and password you have in your email.

After that come out first, with the click log out.

Second STEP: HERE Program Affiliati For You

Affiliate Program menu in the Options

Affiliate Signup click, you have 3 options to select the one, the same three options that

Then you just enter the next menu:

Preferred Program: Choose the no 1

First Name: Your first name

Last Name: Name of your final

URL: Website / your blog, you must fill in, if you have not already, make the first in, paing free and easy.

Desired Password: Password you want your

Preferred Newsletter Language: English

Email Address: Enter your email

Secondary Email Address: Email you the other, may also cleared

Checks payable to: Your full name according to your ID card

Street Address: Address your ID card

City: City where you live

State / Province: province where you live

Country: your country

ZIP / Postal Code: Zip your town

What is your business tax Classification? Clear as to United States residents only

Tax ID or Social Security Number: Clear as for United States citizens only

Phone Number: No telp you, for example, you no telp: 021 1234567 and 6221 1234567 or make no hp then you 081xxxxx a 6281xxxxx. (Must use code 62, code that is telphone Indonesia)

Which Instant Messenger do you use? Just select None

Use ePassporte: Select only No

Please give us your comments: Make your comment for example: Heloo. I like it. Thank You, or you want to write up what is important in the English language.

Then click Click Here for the Last Step

Then click the small box you have any posts
Yes, I have read and accepted the Affiliate Agreement, ... ... ..
Then click Submit.

Then click on Account Information
Then I click on the blue any posts Here is your account information. Click here to update your information.

click Payoneer: Signup to be paid by Prepaid MasterCard ®. You will be directed to FriendFinder a page hosted by Payoneer, where you can sign up for a card.

Then fill in the data on your Payoneer page, (to be more easily select only your ID card ID that is). After you watch Fill approximately 20 days until your card in your home, after a debit card until you follow the instructions aktivasilah ago I have sent you disurat dg with your card. Nah gampangkan ..

Only a member of FriendFinder you can be a debit card from payoneer, if you list directly on the payoner You can not get it because the country does not have to Indonesia.

Look at your email again, there you will be given a username and password for the affiliate. Login as a member as affiliate login dg is different.

Join with you in the affiliate FriendFinder is automatically join the network all FrindFinder, byk once was, there adultfrindfinder, asiafriendfinder, etc., the element of this porno site but we only take the benefits only. I did not invite you to berporno ria, but only take the benefits only, which is a debit card and dolarnya.

Friendfinder this we will pay 1 dollar to join the male member and the member for 2 Dollar women who join us through the ad references, why do more expensive it is, may be due to the fact more men are happy to explore haal-sexy things like that
And now a special program to provide adultfriendfinder PPC (pay per click), akan tentunnya increase your earning from every visitor click the banner to the most sexy Pajang on our website-blog. Indeed, it is more so that we make maximum blog or website to install the special adult friendfinder this banner ad, so that visitors click on the opportunities greater.

Payoneer debit cards can be used for this activation paypal, but if the funds have been filled. Minimal funds charged $ 2 so you can wait a commission payment can be used in the new life.
Payoneer card is usually sent to the address to us about 20 hours -1 week and this card is the withdrawal physical mastercard. Please join and happy hunting dollars.