Sunday, December 21, 2008

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Script# Programming in the Large

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Yesterday's PDC keynote featured a number of interesting products and technologies, such as Office 14 and Live Services, that today involve fairly large-scale (code size, team size and project length) Ajax development. The demos were just amazing - Kudos to the product teams!

Behind the scenes, on the engineering front, Script# provided the toolset and script authoring model. I've been working with both teams for quite a while now, and am really excited to be able to finally share these particular uses now that they are public (since to be honest, I was myself quite pleasantly surprised to see the model of compiling down to script scale up in this manner).

Live Mesh features an online desktop experience within the browser to enable remotely accessing files from any browser. The Live Framework exposes the underlying platform to .NET applications and script applications alike. The script framework portion of the SDK, like the UI, is based on Script#. The documentation for this framework on msdn was built from doc-comments in the originating c# code, which double up to enable script intellisense in Visual Studio.

Next in the keynote was a quick peek at what is to come in a web-ified Office 14. Some of the highlights included Excel, OneNote, and the Ribbon interface. These apps bring document sharing and collaboration to a whole new level. What is really cool is the live editing and continual sync'ing with the actual good-old, full-fidelity Office document file on the server or with another concurrent editing session in the full-blown desktop Office suite. These apps build on top of the ASP.NET Ajax framework, and were for the most part coded in c# and converted to javascript using script#.

The devs clearly recognized the value from using standard .NET tools and C# for engineering the thousands of lines of script and Ajax code that power these great consumer and developer experiences.

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