Monday, December 22, 2008

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Create Flash Website Tutorial

welcome to

Step 1.

Start off by making a new Flash document with dimensions of 700 width by 500 height. Name the first layer "main" and the second layer "script". Then create 2 blank key frames (f7) on each layer. First of all we're going to create a preloader, which will make sure the whole of the flash website is loaded before the user sees it. It also indicates to the user that something is happening, rather than them seeing a blank canvas, while it loads. So, on the 1st frame of the "main" layer create add the text "loading", using these settings.

a ) b)
Step 2.
Make sure the text is selected and convert it into a Movie Clip Symbol (Modify > Convert to Symbol or F8) called "load".
Step 3.
Now that the text is in it's own Movie Clip, double click on it and create the text "99%" using these settings. You'll notice that instead of choosing static, as with the "loading" text, the text has been made dynamic. This allows the text to be changed with actionscript, while the user is on the website. The letter "p" has also been added in the field "Var". This gives the text a variable (p) which will store the information that we want to be displayed in the text box. As the website loads "p" will hold the current percentage that the site has loaded to.
Step 4.

Next, go back to the main timeline and select the "load" Movie Clip that we just create, and add the code shown below. This code checks to see how much of the flash file has loaded and displays the percentage in the text. Once the whole of it is loaded, the timeline will go to frame 2, where we are going to create the website Movie Clips.

Step 5.

Before we do that, a stop() action is needed on the first frame, so that the site can load. This will prevent it from going to frame 2, where the site will be.

Step 6.

Now we shall start making the actual website :) On frame 2 create black rectangle with no border. While it is selected, in the properties panel change it's width to 700 and it's height to 500. Make it's X & Y position 0, making the black rectangle cover the whole of the canvas.

Step 7.
Convert the black rectangle into a Movie Clip symbol called "main". "Main" will contain all the websites assets (Movie Clips, Buttons and Text)
Step 8.
Double click on the Movie Clip symbol and name the layer "bg" (background). Convert the rectangle into another Movie Clip symbol, also called "bg". This Movie Clip will contain, as you've probably guessed, the background, which are all the parts of the website that will not change
Step 9.
Create to extra layers, one called "menu" and one called "sections".

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