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Download ASP.NET MVC XForm

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ASP.NET MVC XForms is a simple, strongly-typed, extensible UI framework based on the W3C XForms spec. It provides a base set of form controls that allow updating of any complex model object, even complex nested lists. It uses clean, semantic HTML and a fluent, lamba-based API.

XForms spec: "The group element is used as a container for defining a hierarchy of form controls. Groups can be nested to create complex hierarchies."

This means that Group essentially gives you a "context" to work from. An example could be an address of a person:

<% form.Group(p => p.Address).Template(address => { %>

	<%= address.Input(a => a.Address1).Label("Address") %>

	<%= address.Input(a => a.Address2).Label("") %>

	<%= address.Select1(a => Country, ViewData.Model.Countries,

c => c.Name) %>

<% }); %>

Which would generate the following HTML:














Download :

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