Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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Drawing Chinese Bamboo With Adobe Illustrator part 4

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12. Symbol Stainer Tool

Select a lighter yellow-green tone color and use Symbol Stainer Tool to stain Symbols (stain Symbols randomly).

symbol stainer

13. Symbol Screener Tool

Use Symbol Screener Tool to reduce bamboo leaves Opacity (selectively click on the leaf symbols). This will get a see-through effect.

symbol screener

14. Make more leaves behind

After you done with the leaves on Layer 2, make a new layer(Layer 3) and drag it to the bottom of the layer list. Lock Layer 1 and Layer 2, use Symbol Sprayer Tool to make more bamboo leaves(refer to Step 8-13) on Layer 3.

make more leaves behind

15. Add more bamboo sticks

Finally, duplicate more smaller bamboo sticks and send them behind the big bamboo sticks.

copy more bamboo sticks

16. Final!

Here is the final image.

final bamboo illustration

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