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Texturing In 3D Studio Max (Using UVW and Unwrap UVW Maps)

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Part II - Apply Textures using UVW Maps Only

The second part of the tutorial will feature a different technique to texture that will be used to for the window canopies. This method involves using UVW maps only, I personally think that it is much faster and easier method to texture.

Texture used to map the canopies.

Start off by hiding all the objects except the canopies. Launch the "Material Editor" (Hit "M" on your keyboard), select a free slot and name it 'canopy', click on box next to "Diffuse", select "Bitmap" in the "Material/Map Browser" and then locate the texture to be used for the canopies (It is included in the file you downloaded). Back to the scene, select all the canopies and click on the "Assign To Selected" button () to assign the material to these objects. Finally, don't forget to click on the "View in Viewport" button () to view the texture in the view port.

Click to enlarge

We will now map our texture so that it expnds properly across our canopies. Select one of the canopies and access the "Modify Tab", add "UVW Map" on the top and scroll down to "Mapping", there should be 7 options, use "Planar" as the projector map. Doing this should optimise our texture for planar objects, check out the texture in the viewport now.

Repeat the last step for the rest of the canopies, add a UVW Map and then set the projector map to "Planar". You should get something similar to the image below.

Click to enlarge

The same procedure could be used to map the canopies holders, the dust bin, the waterwheel, and all other objects in the scene. You should use a cylinder project mapping for of these instead of a 'planar'. You will have to experiment these on your own, here are the textures that I used for these, all of these come with 3D Studio Max.

You should have no trouble creating the scene you see in the image below.

Optional ending steps:
I completed the texturing of the scene by applying the same conceps introduced in this tutorial. In addition to this I added 1 Omni Light, Skylight, Fog and Fog Volume. The following steps are optional as they are not directly related to the topic of the tutorial. As for environment, I used "Fog" and "Volume Fog" to simulate the fog effect, "Skylight" on the other hand was used to brighten up the scene and the "Omni" light was used to cast the shadows. A separate tutorial on how to do this step by step will soon be published.

This is the scene that I managed to render at the end.

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