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Colorized text

welcome to

Final image

Open new file

Step 1

Make new background with gradient effect.

Step 2

Tipe text letter by letter. Every symbol must be own layer.

Step 3

Select first symbol. In this case letter C. Give him gradient effect. Make sure to chose pastel colors.

Chose gray color for all symbols. Second color is chanching for every letter.

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

This is how look when you color them all.

Step 8

Now move your letters like in picture, and put them all in one group set.

Step 9

Duplicate group and put behind first group.

Step 10

In duplicated group select letters who's marked in picture and give them Outer Glow effect.

Step 11

In duplicated group to first and last letter C&S give Gradient Overlay effect with black amd blue color like in bacground.

Then move C to left side.

Step 12

Do same with S just reverse.

Step 13

Then give to C Outer Glow effect with bacgroun blue color.

Step 14

Do same with S.

Step 15

After all this select all groups and duplicate them.

Step 16

Move duplicated groups down with the line of text and rotate them like in picture. 180degree and then horizontal.

Step 17

Merge duplicated groups.

Step 18

Then give him Gradient Overlay effect.

Step 19

Ok. Select all groups and tranform them to larger scale

Now Merge them all.

Step 20

Now you have just one layer. First transform with Perspective transformation.

Step 21

Then with free transform resize like in picture.

Step 22

Open new layer and use select Shape Registration Target.

Step 23

Do like in picture, color him in black and put him behind text.

Step 24

This is final work.

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