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Microsoft Windows XP 101: Using Windows XP Professional in the classroom

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Productivity tutorial

Learn how to use Microsoft Windows XP Professional to increase instructional productivity, enhance collaboration with colleagues and students, and communicate more effectively.

Step-by-step instructions show you how to organize files, browse the Web more efficiently, and publish to the Web.

The accompanying instructor presentation offers a guide to the tutorial, suitable for use by an instructor leading a class or for self-paced learning.

Tutorial information
Productivity tutorial
Item Requirements

Instructional level

Intermediate user

Advanced user

Curriculum areas

Teacher productivity

Teamwork and collaboration

Classroom management


Software required

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
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View and rename files for a class project.

Publish a document to the Web, and send files in e-mail with ease.

Learn about the features of My Pictures and My Music.

Conduct Web research by using the Search Assistant.

Use the Remote Desktop feature to access your office computer from home.
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Tutorial outline

Discover the new look and features
Explore the fresh new look and features of Windows XP Professional, including an improved Start menu, task bar, and Control Panel.

Organizing your files
Review project files by using Thumbnails view and Group Icons view.

Multimedia in Windows XP Professional
Use the multimedia features of Windows XP Professional, such as Microsoft Windows Media Player for Windows XP, and Windows Messenger.

Enhanced removable media features
Easily copy files to a CD or other removable device.

Better browsing
Browse the Web for project-related information, and use the Search Assistant for faster, more efficient searching.

Internet publishing made easy
Publish a research document to the Web by using the Web Publishing Wizard, automatically compress project graphics, and then send them in e-mail.

Remotely connect to your office computer
Connect to Remote Desktop, and learn how to install Remote Desktop Web Connection.

Anywhere, anytime assistance
Complete a Request for Help invitation for remote assistance.

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