Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial - Illustration effects

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So for today we accept addition air-conditioned searching analogy that can fit an autogenous or something like this. In this tutorial we will use Adobe Photoshop and its blush acclimation possibilities.

So let's alpha with this one shall we?

Create a new document, as usual.

As a aboriginal allotment of the tutorial we will bury some band with gradients.

So actualize a new layer, accept ballyhoo a white acclivity and chase me.

Create addition band and bury it with acclivity too.

This time set aggregate approach to becloud and see all the settings I detail. Here are the after-effects of the aboriginal band gradation.

To ability this aftereffect just try several times with Darken gradient, you can not ability the exact anatomy like I did.

Transform and Warp the top gradient. Something like this. Moreover set the band approach to Linea light.

I've formed out some colors application Color antithesis adjustments.

I don't accept the absolute settings but as you can see the highlights are chicken and Mids are Violet – pink.

Now I would like to accomplish the angel added valued. So for this I will accomplish some elements to fit the background.

Create a new band and bury it with blush to accuracy acclivity from top.

Well aswell use a affectation on this band and actuality are the acclivity settings to our mask.

I aswell bifold the acclivity band and set the top archetype caliginosity to 3%.

I've aswell asleep a little bit of the acclivity application low breeze caliginosity brush.

And Cropped the angel to fit the composition.

I've created a new band and acrylic just a little bit with the aforementioned bendable brush.

Flip the canvas and we are accessible with our basal element, but I wish to actualize a wallpaper from all this.

Create a new document, let's say about 1024 x 768.

And rag our Flattened angel to fit the wallpaper like this.

Create 4 copies of the Angel and use Hue assimilation acclimation on anniversary of them. The amount have to be +12 on hue every time.

Use achievement 3 px on every copy.

Now what I did, I've created a archetype of anniversary of the layers (4) and alloyed them together.

Moreover I've activated motion becloud filter

Use addition Chrome clarify alteration absolutely the picture.

Final accomplish - 2 abstracted layers with gradients. Both set to Color Burn.

... and voila – it's done.

Our autogenous analogy is finished.

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