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Advanced uninstaller pro 8.51

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This easy-to-use Windows application uninstaller makes your computer run more efficiently by removing software and files that were left behind after you uninstalled software that you no longer use. In addition, the program performs a number of cleanup activities, making your computer more secure. Very few software programs uninstall completely from your computer. Among the things left behind are unnecessary folders, obsolete files, and graphics that will never be used. In addition, there are often items placed in the Windows Registry that are not welcome, as well as spyware and other programs that threaten the security of your computer. Advanced Uninstaller PRO can uninstall all of these files, folders, and programs. Uninstalling a program is as easy as selecting its name from a list, or dragging and dropping a file or a shortcut on the Advanced Uninstaller PRO desktop icon.

To protect your privacy, the Quick Cleaner performs a one-step removal of the data on your computer that tells other people what you've been doing. It can safely delete the list of Internet pages that you have visited, the web addresses that you have typed, the Internet cookies that were written to your hard drive when you visited web sites, and the recently opened files lists for more than 100 applications, including Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, ICQ, MSN, WinZip, RealPlayer, Kazaa, etc.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO makes it easy to remove all damaged Start Menu shortcuts, to hide or show them at any time, and to alphabetically sort the entire Start Menu. The program can find and delete temporary files left behind by Windows, Internet Explorer, and other applications. You can also tweak Internet Explorer configuration settings, manage and uninstall fonts, uninstall unwanted Control Panel applets, and perform other system tasks efficiently.

This new release contains a powerful registry cleaner, defragmenter and optimizer which will help you keep your registry fast, clean and easily accessible by all programs. A registry backup utility is also included.


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