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Cinema 4D Tutorial - How to Create 3D Grass

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Ok! This is a Cinema 4D Tutorial I’ve created which will acquaint you to article manipulation, textures, fur and aswell accepted acquaintance with the affairs itself. I’m application Cinema 4D 10 and you can download the audience anon from Maxon.

Cinema 4D Tutorial - How to Actualize 3D Grass

Step 1 - Creating a base

First of all accessible the Cinema 4D application, which will automatically actualize a new arena for you to alpha alive with. You again charge to actualize a abject for your grass to be absorbed to, I’m traveling to add a cube and adapt it - ” Objects > Primitive > Cube”.Your canvas should attending absolutely like this now :

Step 2 - Modifying out base

Now we accept out cube, we can adapt to to be added of a absorbing appearance by firstly beat it, and in the Attributes pane, accretion Segments X, Y & Z to a college amount ( I am traveling to baddest 50 and this will accredit me to adapt the appearance added calmly )

I’m traveling to manually adapt my cube, by selecting the orange aboveboard on the cube and boring them to a adapted position in the X, Y and Z plains. You can alternatively change the admeasurement of the angel in the attributes console by accounting X, Y Z variables, but let’s accumulate this simple and quick.

Then I am traveling to hit the “C” key on my keyboard ( Make Editable from the card ” Functions > Make Editable ” ) This allows me to again use the Allurement apparatus to dispense my apparent further. Select the allurement apparatus ( Structure > Allurement ) And bang and annoyance the cursor on the even to actualize any adapted effect.

I acclimated the apparatus to add a arresting aftereffect to the plane:

Step 3 - Adding arrangement to the base

We now charge to accomplish out abject attending almost organic, so we are traveling to add a clay blazon texture. In the abstracts pane, ( basal of the awning ) bang “File > New Material”, beneath area you just clicked a new arrangement will arise in the appearance of a amphitheater called “Mat” - Double bang on the chat “Mat” and rename it “Soil”.Double bang on the Clay Sphere texture, and a new chat box will pop up searching like this :

Click the arrow breadth the advantage for ” Texture” Appears on the appropriate breadth of the chat box. A account will affectation below, bang on “Gradient”. You will apprehension the amphitheater with the arrangement displayed in the chat box will change. What we are traveling to do now is change the acclivity itself, so bifold bang breadth the collapsed acclivity is displayed ( beneath the arrangement arrow ) and change the ethics in the shader backdrop to something like this:

We wish to now bang the abutting button on this panel, and administer the arrangement to our plane. You charge to bang and annoyance the arrangement assimilate out plane, this is illustrated beneath :

Step 4 - Selecting the adjustment of the grass

Ok if you accept got this far you are accomplishing appealing well. We now charge to bang the window icon, which will acquiesce us to see assorted angle of our scene.

Clicking this will change our appearance to this:

Ok, we alone now affliction about the top appropriate view, bang the Use polygon apparatus - so baddest “Tools > Polygons ” from the menu. Now we charge to baddest the rectangle alternative apparatus and baddest all polygons in the top appropriate window labeled “Top”. (Basically this will be the breadth the grass will be placed on) - So baddest ” Alternative - Rectangle selection” From the menu. Move the cursor to the top appropriate appearance and in a bang annoyance motion, baddest all the polygons until they all about-face orange.

Now your appearance will attending like this:

Now appear out of this appearance by acute the aforementioned window figure as you did before, however, bang the one in the top larboard ( Perspective appearance ). You will now be able to see your article with alone the top polygons selected.

Step 5 - Abacus the grass

Now we accept our top band of the even selected, we charge to add grass, ok ok, so I aria to you, it’s not grass. It’s Cinema 4d’s Fur Tool, but does a candied job or replicating grass. All you charge to do now is bang from the card “Hair > Fur” and some spikes will arise on the even in the angle view.We are now traveling to access the bulk of fur, so in the altar panel, baddest “Fur” which will amend the Attributes view. Where you can change the ” Count ” Aka, bulk of fur. It’s initially at 10000, but I’m traveling to change abundance to 30000, but you will accept to agreement to ensure you will accept the abounding breadth covered in grass depending on how ample you fabricated your plane. Also we will change the Randomness of the grass, by abacus a capricious randomize ambience of 6 degrees.

This ability complete like gibberish but agreement with the attributes, and who knows, you ability actualize some absolutely air-conditioned stuff.

Step 6 - Add arrangement to the grass

That’s basically it to be honest, but we will charge to add a new arrangement to the grass to accomplish it green. When you added the grass, a new arrangement was fabricated in the textures panel. It should be alleged “Fur Mat” - bifold bang it to accessible the arrangement dialogAll I am traveling to do actuality is change the acclivity of the grass to two shades of green. You can change the array etc via the larboard duke card if you wish to experiment!

Step 7 - Rendering

That’s it! You accept fabricated some grass on a plane, if you got this far… congratulations! Now we charge to just cede the angel to see the final result, so bang “Render > Cede View” From the card which will appearance you absolutely what you accept created! I just added a accomplishments ( Objects > Scene > Accomplishments ) and afflicted the attributes to ” Use blush > Always”. Here’s my final result!


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