Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Sketchup Basic Follow Me Tutorial

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Welcome to the Sketchup Basic Follow-Me Tutorial. Follow-Me is a able apparatus in Sketchup that allows you to annoyance geometry forth a line, or, if you're afterward a circle, to actualize lathe objects. In this tutorial we're alone traveling to be boring geometry forth a line, amuse see the Follow-Me Lathe Tutorial for data on creating lathe objects. When you're assuming a Follow-Me command, you'll accept basically two things to anguish about: the article you will be extruding, and the aisle that it will follow.

here are assorted means to ascertain a aisle that you wish to follow, but for this tutorial we will be application the basal adjustment of outlining. Create the banishment geometry perpendicular, or as abutting as erect as possible, to the path. Also, try to abode the geometry assimilate the aisle itself, or Sketchup will try to position it for you. Activate the Follow-Me tool, and again bang on the banishment face. Move the abrasion over the aisle that you wish to follow, and Sketchup will highlight those edges in red. Chase the path, and if you've accomplished the adapted result, bang to finalize.

This is a video tutorial in the Sketchup Tutorials series. If you do not see a video above, you may accept a javascript, flash, or ad acquaintance active, and will charge to conciliate it to appearance the video.

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