Saturday, March 07, 2009

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$2.99 Minimum Paid App Price at BlackBerry App World!

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It seems RIM has absitively the minimum amount for paid apps will be $2.99. Potentially acceptable account for developers, but bad account for the BlackBerry owners out there cerebration that RIM's appliance storefront would conductor in 99 cent BlackBerry app appraisement a la the iPhone App Store.

Of course, chargeless apps are still welcome, but as ahead blogged the way their developer acceding is currently structured it'll amount money to abide chargeless apps to the store. Most humans are accommodating to pay $3 (or more) for an app if it's a acceptable app. Where the 99 cent and $1.99 tiers fit able-bodied are for the not acceptable but fun apps (fart apps, beer apps, etc.) which by the looks of this RIM would rather not see hit their app store. What do you think? Acceptable move or big mistake? Let us apperceive in the comments!

* Update: While traveling added through the FAQ, I couldn't advice but yield agenda of the final question...

Can the user abundance applications on an alien SD card?

Applications cannot currently be stored on or run from an SD card. BlackBerry App World does not admittance the downloading of applications to an SD card.

So for those who were acquisitive the barrage of RIM's BlackBerry App World would accompany with a band-aid acceptance you to save apps to the anamnesis card, it appears that isn't in the cards just yet. * (Crackberry)

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