Saturday, March 07, 2009

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AMD, Seagate Show Off 6-Gbits/s SATA

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AMD and Seagate will authenticate a next-generation 6-Gbit/s SATA interface Monday in New Orleans, the companies said. Neither aggregation is announcement articles based on the technology yet, Seagate admiral said.

The 6-Gbit/s SATA technology will be allotment of a approaching AMD south arch chip, and may arise in solid-state-disc drives afore it becomes allotment of a accepted harder drive.

The ambition markets will be gaming PCs and servers, admiral said.

Currently, SATA uses a 3.0-Gbit/s interface, which should amuse the throughput requirements of harder drives until 2011, if that approach will become saturated and the 6.0-Gbit/s interface will absolutely be needed.

But the SATA-IO Working Group and the industry has commonly congenital in abundant aerial into the interface to acquiesce the industry time to prepare, said Marc Noblitt, chief business I/O development administrator for Seagate. (extremetech)

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