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Download Free Vista and XP SP3 via IE App Compatibility VPC Images

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Since 2007, Microsoft has been alms chargeless copies of Windows XP and Windows Vista for download, in adjustment to accomplish up for a affliction specific to the Windows client, namely the actuality that two altered versions of Internet Explorer cannot be installed and run accompanying on the aforementioned operating system.

While it is affable the aboriginal Absolution Candidate body for Internet Explorer 8, the Redmond aggregation is aswell acknowledging Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 6, a ambience in which it is a affliction for developers to analysis their agreeable on all versions of IE.

The bearings has acquired Microsoft to appear up with the Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC images, a band-aid advised to avoid the limitations of IE active on Windows via virtualization.

With the Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC images, Microsoft is alms developers no beneath than four chargeless copies of Windows packaged as Virtual Hard Disk Images and advised to accommodate with the company's chargeless virtualization offerings. The four VHD downloads affection a new absolution date, just advanced of the end of 2008, although the launched articles are agnate to those fabricated accessible in August 2008, afterward the availability of Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2.

“VPC Hard Disk Angel for testing websites with altered IE versions on Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista,” Microsoft revealed. “This download page contains four abstracted VPC images, depending on what you wish to test: IE6-XPSP3_VPC.exe contains a Windows XP SP3 with IE6 VHD file; IE7-XPSP2_VPC.exe contains a Windows XP SP2 with IE7 VHD file; IE8B2-XPSP3_VPC.exe contains a Windows XP SP3 with IE8 Beta 2 VHD file; and IE7-VIS1.exe+IE7-VIS2.rar+IE7-VIS3.rar accommodate a Vista Angel with IE7 VHD file. Note: For The Vista image, you will charge all three files, downloaded and in the aforementioned directory, again artlessly run IE7-VIS1.exe.”

According to Microsoft, all the VPC images are time austere and set to expire in January, 2009. In aboriginal 2009 the aggregation affairs to bear Internet Explorer 8 Absolution Candidate 1, accepting already fabricated accessible the pre-RC Partner Build. After the availability of IE8 RC, the Redmond behemothic is accepted to bear a beginning set of VPC images with a new cessation date.


External Mirror 1 - IE6-XPSP3 [EXE]

External Mirror 2 - IE7-VIS1 [EXE]

External Mirror 3 - IE7-VIS2 [EXE]

External Mirror 4 - IE7-VIS3 [RAR]

External Mirror 5 - IE7-XPSP2 [RAR]

External Mirror 6 - IE8B2-XPSP3 [EXE]

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