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Free (as in beer) CodeWeavers CrossOver Linux and Mac

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Try as you ability to get abroad from Windows, you ability anticipate that you're ashore with appliance it because there's this one affairs that you accept to use and you can't acquisition annihilation on Linux or Mac OS that works for you. Well, you're in luck. CodeWeavers the aggregation abaft CrossOver Linux Pro and CrossOver Mac Pro is alms for today, October 28th, chargeless downloads and registrations for these programs that will accredit you to run abounding accepted Windows programs, such as Quicken, Microsoft Office, and Photoshop CS2 on your admired operating system.

This action started as a acicular antic at George W. Bush's expense: the Great American Lame Duck Presidential Challenge. In the Challenge, which CodeWeavers launched in July, the aggregation said it would accommodate its software for chargeless in the absurd accident that beneath Bush's administering any of the afterward things happened: Return the banal bazaar to it's 2008 high; Reduce the boilerplate amount of a gallon of milk to $3.50; Create at atomic one net job in the U.S. this agenda year; Return the boilerplate home amount to its Jan. 1, 2008 level; Accompany Osama Bin-Laden to justice; or, and this one that in fact happened, accompany the boilerplate gasoline prices in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) to $2.79 a gallon.

As Jeremy White, admiral and CEO of CodeWeavers, explains, "I was bushing my catchbasin at Big Steve's Gas Palace in St. Paul, I had just accomplished my morning blah dog and 64-ounce Dr. Pepper if I looked at the pump and noticed gas was at $2.79. I screamed 'Woohoo,' again I yelled 'Oh, crap!' as I accomplished every American can now accept my software for free. Affectionate of upsets my fourth division acquirement projections..."

White admits this is not how he foresaw the Challenge unfolding. "I launched the attack to affect Admiral Bush to accomplish the a lot of of his final canicule in office. Who knew that our Challenge would accept this affectionate of appulse on the country?" White said. "On the added hand, who knew that the abridgement would implode, causing oil appeal to bead into the abysm and gas prices to collapse as well. Clearly, investigating Bear Stearns, AIG and those guys is confused -- CodeWeavers is amenable for this mess. So it's chargeless software for all!"

Somehow, I don't anticipate it absolutely formed absolutely that way, but hey, chargeless software is chargeless software. To get a archetype of CrossOver Mac Pro, Crossover Linux Pro, CrossOver Mac Amateur or CrossOver Linux Games, appointment the company's Web website and download the software. You will, eventually, get a accord cipher that absolutely enables the software and gets you six-months of abutment as well.

I say 'eventually,' because appropriate now the website is swamped. White says admitting that the aggregation will forward the allotment cipher to users by e-mail over the next few days.

What you're accepting for this is a affairs that makes the open-source activity Wine an accomplishing of the Windows API (application affairs interface) on top of the Unix/Linux operating arrangement ancestors simple to use. Wine has added than 15 years of development abaft it. In addition, CrossOver supports ActiveX, a Microsoft COM (component article mode) that's acclimated on such Web pages and DirectX, a Microsoft multimedia API that's usually acclimated in games.

What Wine isn't however, is simple to apparatus on your own. That's area CrossOver comes in. CrossOver makes it simple to install both the Wine framework and Windows programs on both Linux and Mac OS X.

Once installed, you can run abounding accepted Windows applications and games. This isn't just what CrossOver claims, I've acclimated CrossOver Linux for years and it works acutely well. In my own case, I generally use Windows applications active on Linux acknowledgment to CrossOver to plan on Word 2003 documents, Excel 2003 spreadsheets, Internet Explorer 6-specific Web pages, and adequately complicated Quicken 2006 banking statements.

I aswell use it to play WoW (World of Warcraft) and, my own admired game, Guild Wars. I'm a adequately austere amateur vs. amateur Guild Wars amateur and I can assure you that if Guild Wars, a 3D MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) didn't plan able-bodied on Linux, I'd be active it on Windows.

How abundant do I like CrossOver? I pay my own money for it. How was I to apperceive that gas would bead beneath $3 a gallon!?

CrossOver doesn't run everything, and it does accept some quirks. That said, it does run a lot of of the important Windows applications and, hey, today, you get the abounding adaptation for chargeless so you can try it out for yourself. Go for it! You've annihilation to lose, and you ability just acquisition yourself able to accord up your awful Windows addiction for good.

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