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Meta Programming System - a brand new concept of programming

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JetBrains is afraid to present to the acumen of the development association its new conception — MPS, the Meta Programming System. Meta Programming System is a cast new abstraction of programming that we've been alive on lately.

Why Meta Programming?

In our able software development, we accept focused on award means to advice developers plan added effectively.

Despite the ambit of programming languages accessible today, we are still bound by them. It makes faculty to extend the absolute languages to actualize added domain-oriented ones, which acquiesce autograph programs on a college akin and in a address that is added accustomed to anniversary domain.

With an apparatus that allows creating accent constructs as simple as creating classes or methods is in a accepted language, you can decidedly change the way you advance software.

This new appearance of programming, if you actualize specialized languages, use them to advance software, and extend them if and how required, is alleged Accent Oriented Programming (LOP).

MPS Story

Meta Programming System started in 2003 as a analysis project. In 2004, its basal concepts were declared in the Accent Oriented Programming article. In 2005, we opened an Aboriginal Access Program for MPS. We've been application MPS back 2006 to advance some of our new products. Over these years, we accept accumulated a lot of our own acquaintance and aggregate admired acknowledgment from aboriginal adopters, and this angry MPS from a analysis activity into a complete artefact that we wish to present to you now. MPS is now appear as Beta, with the 1.0 absolution planned for aboriginal 2009.

MPS is a free product with most of its source code available under Apache 2.0 license. Download MPS.

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