Monday, December 22, 2008

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Create Flash Website Tutorial part 3

welcome to

Step 16.
This is the 3rd part of this Flash tutorial. Next, we're going to create the content sections, so go back to the "main" Movie Clip . Create some "Home" text usings these settings, on the layer "sections", and convert the text into a Movie Clip symbol called "sections".
Step 17.
Double click on the text to go into the "sections" Movie Clip. Create a 2nd layer naming it "labels" and the first one "content".
Step 18.
Insert 8 more frames (f5) on each layer. Click on frame 1 of the labels layer and then enter "home" in the properties tab, under "frame". This is label we will use later on with Actionscript, to tell the the timeline to go to each section, when we want to display it.
Step 19.
Make a key frame (f6) at frame 10 of each layer.
Step 20.
While the timeline is still at frame 10, change the text on teh stage to "Portfolio". If you go back to frame 1 the text there should still be "Home".
Step 21.
Create some more frame (f5) upto frame 19 on each layer, and create a label at frame 10, called "portfolio".
Step 22.
Do the same thing for a downloads section.
Step 23.
Next, go back to frame 1 and selection the "Home" text. Convert it to a Movie Clip symbol called" "home".
Step 24.
Next we're going to add the rest of the content in the home section, in a way so that it appears bit by bit. So, double click on the "home" Movie Clip symbol and create an extra frame (f5).
Step 25.
Create a key frame (f6) at frame 3 and then add some text. Make sure that the text is at X & Y position using a whole number (ie not 5.4). If it's not at a whole number, the text will appeare blurred.
Step 26.
Create another frame for that bit of text. Then create another key frame and add a section paragraph of text. So every 2 frame a bit of the content will appear. ONce all the content is displayed (frame 6), we want it to stop. So, create a black key frame (f7) at frame 6 of the "script" layer and then add a stop() action in the actions panel.

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