Monday, December 22, 2008

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Create Flash Website Tutorial part 4

welcome to

Step 27.
This is the 4th part of this Flash tutorial. Now, go back to the sections Movie Clip, and convert the "Portfolio" text into a Movie Clip symbol, called "portfolio".

Step 28.
Double click on the text to access the "portfolio" Movie Clip Symbol. As we did for the "home" section, extend create an extra frame (f5)

Step 29.
Create a key frame (f6), and then add a thumbnail and some text.

Step 30.
For every 2 frames, add a new thumbnail and a bit of text. For the tutorial I've added 6 thumbnails plus the Heading text, so there are 7 sets of 2 frames.

Step 31.
Next, at frame 13 & 14, where all the thumbnails are showing, select each one and give them an instance name, in the properties panel. For the 1st thumbnail i've given it the instance name thumb1.

Step 32.
After giving each thumbnail an instance name, add this code on the last frame on a layer above. This code make each thumbnail Movie Clip symbol act like button, and will open up a browser window, going to the address stated in the getURL() statement. You can adjust your thumbnails to open up what ever web page you like.

Step 33.
I've create a 3rd section called "downloads, which you can add whatever you like into, with the techniques that have been shown.

Step 34.
Next, go back to the "sections" Movie Clip, select the "home" Movie Clip Symbol and give it the instance name "home".

Step 35.
Do the same with the other 2 sections, giving them the instance names "portfolio" and "downloads".

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