Monday, December 22, 2008

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Create Flash Website Tutorial part 5

welcome to

Step 36.
This is the final part of this Flash tutorial. Next, go back to the "main" Movie Clip symbol and create some "home" text on the "menu" layer, using these settings. Convert the text into a Button symbol called "home_Btn".

Step 37.
Double click on the "home_btn" Button symbol and create a 2nd key frame (f6). This will be for when the user puts the mouse over the button, so change the color of the text to red.

Step 38.
Create another key frame on the hit frame, create a 2nd layer and drag it below the 1st layer. It will be difficult to click the text because it is so small, so we need to create an invisible rectangle below it. Create a blank key frame (f7) on the "hit" state of the 2nd layer and then create rectangle. With a rectangle on the "hit" state, it will be invisible, but the user will still be able to click it.

Step 39.
Create 2 more buttons, but with the text "Portfolio" and "Downloads". Then give each button an instance name, with the home one being "home_btn", portfolio "portfolio_btn" and downloads "download_btn".

Step 40.
Give the Move Clip symbol on the sections layer the instance name "sections".

Step 41.
Finally, add this code onto the 1st frame on the "script" layer. This code will tell the sections Movie Clip to go to the "home" label, when the website first appears. When each button is pressed the section with go to the corresponding label.

Step 42.

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